How To Create Repeat Bookings

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A repeat booking is when your client or agent hires your act for multiple performances in a given period. In these instances, you may want to keep your billing and contracts simple by only issuing 1 invoice and/or contract for the entire collection of bookings.

Here's how to set up repeat bookings:

Scenario: My agent is hiring me for solo guitar performances on every Thursday in February.

Step 1 Is to Set Up A "Parent" Booking.

The parent booking will be a "template" of sorts, used to create all the "children" bookings later. It is the only booking within which we will create an invoice and/or contract for our client.

  1. Create a new booking and complete all booking form details. Press "Save"
  2. Click on "Client Invoice". Since this invoice will cover multiple performances, all we need to do is change the "Quantity" field to reflect the number of performances. I will also add each performance date in the "Message on invoice" field, for clarity. Then hit, "Save & Close".

3. Next, I'll create a contract, and just like with my invoice, I'll simply modify the wording wherever necessary so that it covers all 4 performances.

4. Click "Send Contract & Invoice" to send these documents to your client as usual.

Step 2 is to create "sibling" bookings

With my "Parent" booking complete, next I'll "duplicate" the booking to create all the "Children" bookings I need for the 3 remaining Thursday gigs.

To duplicate the booking:

  1. (If still inside "booking creator") Hit "Close & View Booking"
  2. Click on Actions > Duplicate

Repeat this process to duplicate your "Parent" booking as many times as you need, just changing the booking date in each one, until you have all your dates covered.

That's it! You have created multiple bookings and created a single invoice/contract to cover each of them.


If you'd like to connect all your bookings together so that you can easily navigate between your "Parent" booking and any of it's "children"...

1. Open your "Parent" booking and copy the booking URL

2. Open each of your "children" bookings and paste the link into your "Admin Chat". 

Now, you can easily find your wan back to your "parent" booking from inside each of your "children" bookings.

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