Turn Off Automated Gig Offers And Gig Notifications To Musicians

For Bandleaders and Admins

Reuben Avery

Last Update 2 jaar geleden

If you are new to Back On Stage and are importing your existing company bookings, you may wish to temporarily disable outgoing gig notification emails so that you can add any musicians and crew to your bookings without triggering automated emails. This is useful when you have previously booked your musicians and crew for various gigs and don’t want to bother them again with unnecessary emails.

With Auto-Book disabled, you will only be able to book musicians and crew manually for each gig, and when you do, no email will be sent to the person you booked.

How To Disable Gig Notifications

Go to Company Settings > Details > Gig Notifications Master Switch

From here, uncheck the "Gig Notifications Master Switch" checkbox and hit "Save & Close."

Now, you can make modifications to the roles (musicians) on any of your gigs and BOS will not send any email notifications to your team.

Don't forget to turn this back on later once you're done making changes to your bookings so that your auto-book system can get back to work for you!

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