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You can use the booking data you enter into Back On Stage to populate a list of your shows on your band's website. Whenever you update any show details inside Back On Stage, they'll be updated on your website immediately, so there's no need to manually update your website anymore!

To begin, navigate to Company Settings > Show Feed Widget

Then, follow the instructions on the page to configure what options will display on your show feed (like number of shows, event title, poster, ticket price etc).

Save your widget settings, then copy the embed code and paste it into the code on your website, where you would like the widget to appear.

How To Edit Show Details Within Back On Stage

Before we begin, please note that all your bookings will be displayed on your Show Feed Widget unless you mark them as "Private". To mark a booking "Private", simply check the appropriate box when editing the booking inside the Booking Creator:

To edit particular show details, open the booking, then navigate to Show > Promo, then click "Edit":

In the popup window that opens, you can set:

  • Ticket link
  • Adv ticket price
  • Ticket Price
  • Door Time
  • Show time
  • Upload a poster
  • Event description

Save the details when you're done.

Now, you can open the show page on your website and you will see all the details that you have input for each booking inside Back On Stage.


You can also edit show details from inside the Booking Creator. Just click on the "Public Show Info" section:

How To Style Your Show Feed Widget

Once you have embedded your show feed widget on your website, you may want to customize its appearance.

To make your show list look the way you want, you can add CSS styles to your website's style.css file(s).

If you don't know much about css, watch this 10-minute tutorial to get the basics.

Apply Our CSS Styling:

Once you know the basics of CSS coding, you'll know how to apply this code to your website. Depending on your site code, this may not work great for you, but for most, it is a good start:

Here's an example of one band's show feed widget after applying our above styling:

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