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You can pay your musicians manually, or via “auto-pay”. Let’s talk about auto-pay first.

If you’re like most bandleaders, you probably spend around 1 hour per gig just dealing with payments and bookkeeping after a gig. That’s $50-$100 worth of your time right there. Then there are all the fees associated with check printing, mailing, bank charges etc. Plus it’s slow, error prone and quite often, musicians procrastinate depositing your funds, which means you can never trust your bank balance to know how much money you’ve actually got.


With auto-pay, you schedule the payout time (for example, 1 day after the gig at 9am), then just turn it on inside each gig you’d like to auto-pay your musicians for. Each musician you select within that booking will receive a PayPal payout at your designated time.

How to Pay Your Musicians With Auto-Pay:

  1. Configure your auto-pay settings (Go to Company Settings > Details, and click on “Auto-Pay & Payout Settings”.)
  2. Open the booking you would like to enable auto-pay for and go to the “Finances” tab.
  3. Check the “auto-pay” checkbox beside each musician

That’s it.

Now, just go to bed and while you sleep in tomorrow, BOS will:

  1. Send each musician payout
  2. Generate an invoice on behalf of each musician
  3. Log the transaction in your income/expense report for that booking

Fees for PayPal Payouts

Remember how much time and money you used to waste on payments in your previous life? You’ll be happy to know that:

  1. Payouts made with PayPal cost just $0.25USD per transaction (cheaper than most printed checks!)
  2. No fee is charged to the recipient
  3. Each payout amount can be up to $20,000USD per transaction

Learn more about PayPal payouts here.

How To Pay Musicians Manually

Maybe auto-pay is just TOO easy for you. Not to worry, you can send and/or log payments manually too.

Open the booking you’d like to pay your musicians for. Then,

  1. Go to the “Finances” tab
  2. Click the “Pay” button beside a musicians name (or click the red “Pay All” button)
  3. Fill out the payout form and submit.

Upon submitting the form, BOS will:

  1. SEND each musician payout (if PayPal was selected as the payment method) or LOG each payout (if any option other than PayPal was selected. BOS does not move any actual money in this case.)
  2. Generate an invoice on behalf of each musician
  3. Log the transaction in your income/expense report for that booking

Note: manually sending PayPal payouts incurs the same fees as noted above.

IMPORTANT: Before you can use PayPal to make musician payouts or schedule auto-pay payouts, you’ll need to connect your Back On Stage account to your PayPal Business account. Go to Company Settings > Details, and click on “PayPal Settings”.

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