How Do I Sign Up For Back On Stage?

User account types and fees for bandleaders, admins and musicians

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In Back On Stage, your account is your own property, and you can choose to connect it with as many bands or companies as you need to. 

Think of it like Facebook, where you create your own profile, then you can create entities like "Business Pages" and invite others to collaborate with you as admins or contributors.

Who has to pay?

If you are the bandleader, manager or "person in charge", you'll need to subscribe to one of our paid plans to open an account. 

Once you register and create your company, you can invite as many other musicians or admins as you need. They can join your company for free.

Bandleaders, SIGN UP HERE

How Do Musicians, Technicians, Crew and Staff Sign Up?

If you are not the "person in charge" of your music project, you'll need to ask your bandleader to sign up (see above) for an account first. Once your leader signs up, they can send you an invitation to join their company.

I Received An Invitation to Join Someone's Company, Now What?

Just click on the "Respond Now" link inside the invitation email that your bandleader sent you. You'll need to complete two steps to fully activate your account and join the company.

1. Click the link in the email, then fill out this form and click "Accept & Create My Account"

2. Login with your new credentials, then complete your profile:

That's it!

Now you're ready to start accepting gigs and getting paid.

I Didn't Receive (Can't Find) My Invitation Email

If your bandleader says they sent you an invitation but you don't see it in your email inbox...

  1. Check your junkmail folder (often these are flagged as spam)
  2. Ask your bandleader to re-send the invitation
  3. Ensure that your bandleader used your correct email address

Still Need Help?

Just open a support ticket and we'll be happy to assist you.

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