How To Work On Tasks Inside Your Bookings

Are you looking for a reliable way to remind yourself of important tasks and next steps for all your live music bookings?

Using the tasks module inside the Back On Stage app is a great way to ensure you receive alerts and reminders at the right time so that your bookings stay on track and nothing falls through the cracks.

In today's tutorial, we will explore the tasks module and show you how to use task templates and reminders to maximize productivity and efficiency for your team.

How To Create Tasks

To access the tasks module, scroll down to the “Band” tab and click on “Tasks”.

First, create a folder by clicking the "Add Folder" button and giving it a name to hold all tasks related to a specific booking. 

When you create a task, it is only visible to you unless you assign it to someone else. Administrators can assign tasks to others, while members can create and view their own tasks.

You can choose from two due date types: fixed due date or relative due date.

Relative due dates are especially useful when creating task templates, as they automatically calculate the due date based on the booking's actual date. For example, you can set a task to be due seven days before the booking, which is when you will send your final payment reminder to the client. The system will calculate the due date for you.

Here's a useful tip for getting repeat bookings, especially for events like holiday parties that happen annually. 

It's a good idea to set a reminder for yourself to follow up with the client at the right time to secure the booking for the following year. 

For instance, if they booked you for a December party but contacted you in September, set a reminder to reach out to them about five months before their next party. By timing your email around the time they start planning their Christmas party, you'll stay fresh in their minds and increase your chances of getting the booking again. 

To determine the reminder date, calculate approximately 215 days after the current booking date, assuming the party will happen again in about 365 days. This way, you'll prompt yourself to follow up and ask for the booking again.

Once you have configured all reminders and alerts, they will be sent via email and possibly SMS to whoever the task is assigned to. 

How To Customize Task Alert Types

You can customize alert types in the Notification Control Centre. You can access the Notification Control Centre by clicking "Company Settings" on your sidebar, and clicking "Notification Control Centre".

These can be modified by clicking the Edit (✎) button on the far right side. 

Here's an example of what a reminder would look like on e-mail:

How To Create Task Templates

To make task creation more efficient, task templates can be created.

  1. Simply create a folder with all necessary tasks and click on “Options”, then click the "Create Task Template" button.
  2. Give the template a name and save it.
  3. From then on, you can add tasks from the template to any new booking you create by clicking on “Add Tasks From Template” and clicking on the template you just made.

Tasks on Your Dashboard

Tasks will also be displayed on your dashboard, making it easy to keep track of what is overdue and what is due today. You can check off tasks directly from your dashboard, and click on the booking to edit tasks or change due dates.

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